The Joy of Lists

I take comfort in a list. A ‘to do’ list, a grocery list, a present list…the list is endless! (This also ties in nicely with my love of beautiful stationery but I think that will have to be the subject of another post.)

Sometimes, if I’ve had a particularly productive but spontaneous day, I write a list of the things I did, just so I can tick them off and collapse onto the sofa with a cup of tea feeling smug!

I’m not the only one who likes lists in my family, but my father-in-law gets a special mention here, because for Christmas 2017, based on discovering that his love of lists ran deeper even than mine, I bought him this book.

I also recommended Lists of Note to my colleague as a gift idea, who reported after the new year that it went down very well with the recipient. I had a flick through my father-in-law’s copy and was fascinated (I’ve also noticed it on his coffee table, so I’m hoping that means he’s been enjoying looking at it from time to time).

If you fancy peering inside the mind of the wise and the famous, grab this book and escape to a wonderful world of lists!

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