Putting the ‘comfort’ into ‘uncomfortable’

IMG_20180318_091151794.jpgWhat do you do when you’re stressed, sad, worried, anxious or just overwhelmed by whatever is going on in your life?

I’m not always good at compartmentalising, so I need a safe space. For me, it’s my house. Mr Tall and I had some big, not necessarily bad, and not totally unexpected news this week, and it will take some time to get my head around it. For me, I can’t just shut it out and carry on as normal. I have to distract myself and escape from it.

Of course you can’t just stop everything and hide, I still went to work, talked to people, had a driving lesson and so on, but when I was home, I threw myself into my ‘comfort routine’: relaxing TV (I like property programmes for this, like Location, Location, Location, and a new one I just found on the Travel Channel, Restored), several cups of tea and, as it’s been so cold lately, the wood burning stove on as soon as I get in in the evening.

And writing. Writing is a great source of comfort for me. I sometimes have to remind myself of this when I feel a sense of restlessness and can’t work out why. Usually it’s because I need to write. So yesterday morning and this morning I got up at 7.30, without an alarm, and came into my living room to look at the snow, and enjoy the peace and quiet of my sanctuary. It must have worked because I’m writing this.

I hope you find time for a bit of peace in your weekend if you need it. Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know what you do when comfort is hard to come by.

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