A book a day…

Well, maybe not quite a day, because I have a full time job, but certainly regularly. I’m talking about reading, of course, not eating (you’d be anything but regular if you were chomping down 150 pages a day!)

I’ve succumbed to a particular problem regarding reading: that it’s something you do for fun, so you should only do it when you’ve done the jobs you need to do. This is a disaster! When I was a child I could devour a book in a day if left to my own devices. When did I get into the habit of thinking that what was fun was less worthy of my time?

With this in mind, and the fact that I have some annual leave coming up after the Easter long weekend, I’m going to make a conscientious effort to read more. I’m currently reading Sebastian Barry’s Days Without End. I’m making slow progress. Not because of the book but because I only read it in the time between falling into bed and falling asleep.

I’m hoping by the end of next week that I’ll be able to shed some light on what I think of the book, and let you know what I’ve moved on to. Fingers crossed (as long as it doesn’t get in the way of page turning!)





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