My speciali-tea

Tea. Warm, inviting nectar of the gods. My usual brew is strong enough to stand a teaspoon in (strong because of the tea, not from leaving the bag in for an hour and coming back to a lukewarm scummy atrocity!) with just enough milk to turn it caramel coloured.

I no longer drink caffeineated tea (unless there’s no other option. Not drinking tea at all is not, in my opinion, an option). But I have made my peace with various good quality decaffeinated tea. I do not like the new PG Tips ‘Tasty Decaf’ (their words, definitely not mine) in the blue and white box. It tastes strangely floral, which is not want I want from a cup of tea with milk in, and it’s not nice enough to drink as a tea without milk in. I’m fussy, but hey, when you’re only drinking tea and water, you have to be (that’s right, I’ve also ditched alcohol for the time being, and sugar, and I never drank coffee anyway).

But, without wine, or gin, or cocktails, there’s room for even more tea in my life. For a treat now, I like to sip on Teapigs’ Bollywood Chai tea (it’s not caffeine free, hence it only gets drunk occasionally). Of an evening, chamomile and lemon grass is a great option. For a hint of sweetness, Pukka’s Nighttime tea goes down well. I’m also keen to try Teapigs’ Snooze sleepy tea, which is a blend of apple pieces, chamomile and lavender (I really like floral flavoured things. Eating them makes me feel like a Victorian lady lounging on a chaise.  Some of my favourite chocolates are rose and violet creams).

To make things even more of a treat, I also have a couple of Mana-teas, for when I have something that’s loose leaf. It’s the tea equivalent of a cocktail umbrella, and right now I’ll take whatever I can get!

Do you have any favourite caffeine-free teas? Share them below or send me an email so I can expand my repertoire (although I might have to finish some of what I’ve got first, as I’m not sure I can fit anymore in my cupboard!)

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