Friday night treat

I am currently on a specially designed diet (the real meaning of the word, not a weight loss fad) which is very healthy and includes lots of things I usually eat, but excludes lots of other things I also used to eat (refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, heavily processed foods and alcohol, basically anything that’s just for fun).

The reason I’m doing it is however, very important, so I’m perservering but it means I have to work a bit harder to eat something that feels like a treat. Tonight’s dinner is about keeping to the rules, but making them slightly more indulgent. With that in mind, I’ve settled on diced pork, cooked in a creamy peppercorn and tarragon sauce, with garlic roasted sprouting broccoli, steamed savoy cabbage and brown rice (white potatoes are out too, sob!)

I’ll post the recipe and some pictures tomorrow, and let you know how it went (and whether I managed to get to the end of day five of the Diet without hitting the bag of treats that are being kept out of sight in my spare room!)


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