Cool, creamy burrata served on tender stem broccoli with crispy chilli and garlic. It was as amazing as it sounds and so simple. It also felt light and fresh but still indulgent. Perfect for when it’s not mid-winter anymore but you’re not quite ready for cold crispy salads.

Separate the stems from the florets of two big handfuls of sprouting broccoli (or one head of calabrese broccoli), and steam the stems until just tender. Fry the florets in a pan with butter, and add the stems after a couple of minutes. Transfer the broccoli to a plate or shallow bowl. Add a little more butter to the pan and fry one small chopped chilli, seeds removed, and two garlic gloves finely sliced (I didn’t have a chilli so added some chilli oil to the pan). Remove from the pan when the garlic is just starting to go golden, if left too long it will burn and be bitter. Place the burrata on top of the broccoli, season with a pinch of sea salt flakes, and sprinkle over the garlic and chilli. Serve with some good crusty bread and butter. Try not to drool too much.


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