I harbour secret desires to be an interior decorator (they are not that secret). Mr Tall and I renovated our house top to bottom after we moved in 5 years ago, and we finished about 18 months ago, if you can ever really finish (I’m looking at you, chips in the paintwork and whoever’s crazy idea it was to re-landscape the front garden!)

I did not love every bit of it. It was dusty and dirty, and sometimes downright miserable. But it’s beautiful now, and the finishing touches were my favourite part. Choosing the right fabrics, the right paint colours, the right accessories. It took time though, still I am finding new places to put things, or moving things around, adding art work, and putting stuff away to make room for something else.

Even though our renovation is done I still love looking at home accessories for the next house so I’ll still be writing posts from time to time on lighting, fabrics, furnishings and so on, including the occasional picture of my house maybe (when it’s clean and tidy enough!) Over time I’ll also add a list here of my favourite places for bargains and beautiful pieces, whether you really need to find something or just can’t help planning what you would do if you could.