I’m a bit of a gardener. Me and Mr Tall have small front and back gardens (genuinely small, not like when someone says they have a small garden and it’s 100 ft long), as well an allotment. The alloment is also small, about 33 m2, but we live in greater London, so I’m pretty chuffed with our outside space.

We both like getting outside and growing our own, but I’m much more of a fairweather gardener. If you spend much time on here it won’t surprise you to learn that when it’s cold, wet or windy, I’d rather be inside reading one of my numerous gardening books and watching the birds on the feeder through the lounge window!

I also love nature in general, woodland walks, wide open countryside (I have very unsecret desires to move to Norfolk surrounded by the kind of sky and space I dream of) and seeing the seasons change.

I’ll be keeping you updated on happenings in our garden and down the allotment, as well as posting about my favourite plants, things we’ve grown that have worked and outdoorsy things I’ve been up to.